The global structure of an HTML document

2018-03-28 05:10

Tel: (212) 555-1212, that we wanted to generate an HTML document based on adatabase of client information. Since HTML does not include elements thatidentify objects such as "client", "email address",we use DIV and SPAN to achieve the desired structural and presentationaleffects. We might use the element as follows to structure theinformation: !-- Example of data from the client database: --!-- Name: Stephane Boyera, "telephone number", Email: --DIVPSPANClient information:/SPANTABLETRTHLast name:TDBoyera/TRTRTHFirst name:TDStephane/TRTRTHTel:TD(212) 555-1212/ information:/SPANTABLETRTHLast name:TDLafon/TRTRTHFirst name:TDYves/TRTRTHTel:TD(617) 555-1212/ Later, for example,。

etc., we may easily add style sheet declarations to fine tune thepresentation of these database entries. 。